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Posters For NICUs

CPBF poster (English)

Transfer from Level 3 to Level 2 poster

CPBF poster (French)

Podcast Poster

Educational Materials

Common Respiratory Illnesses- RSV Parent Handbook

RSV Fact Sheet - 17 languages


Kangaroo Care fact sheet
Comforting your Baby and Reducing Pain during your NICU Stay
Language Development after Discharge
Language Development in the NICU - French
Preventing Preterm Birth - Pregnancy After a Previous Preterm birth
Language Development after Discharge - French
Neonatal Follow-up Clinic Fact Sheet
Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) Fact sheet
Kangaroo Care Fact Sheet
Language Development in the NICU
Providing Breast Milk for your Baby in the NICU
RSV - Why Premature Babies are more at Risk

Other Materials

Milestone Cards
Neonatal Follow-up Certificate
Neonatal Follow-up Pathway
"Please Wash your Hands" sign
"Do Not Touch Baby" sign
NICU Graduation Certificate
Graduation Certificate

Welcome Booklets

Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
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