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Preemie Chats - Live Video Series


Below you can find our virtual educational sessions tailored to NICU parents and healthcare professionals. The sessions are interactive; you can join LIVE every Friday at 1pm EST either on our Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages. This is a great opportunity to chat with experts, researchers, and parents from all over the world.

Supporting the Educational Needs of Children Born Prematurely
| January 2022

The Limits of Viability
| January 2022

Understanding The Complexity of NICU-To-Home Transitions For Adolescent Parents
| January 2022

A Story of Resilience and Determination - an in-depth interview with an Adult Preemie born at 23 weeks and her Mother
| February 2022

Preterm Brain Injury
| February 2022

Honouring Indigenous Parents and Families as their Children’s First Teachers
| February 2022

Perinatal Palliative Care in Ottawa:
A Collaborative Initiative

| February 2022

Dreaming Big: Weaving a tighter fit between family integrated and the functioning of a busy NICU
 March 2022

Cell Therapy for Complications of Extreme Prematurity: A New Hope
| February 2022

Creating a Healthier Tomorrow for Babies and Children
| April 2022

Your Child has a Disability:
When Doctors Break The Bad News

| March 2022

Steroids during Pregnancy to help Babies born too soon
| April 2022

The Butterfly Project: Supporting Parents following baby loss from a multiple pregnancy
| April 2022

Breathe, baby Breathe! Neonatal Intensive Care, Prematurity, and Complicated Pregnancies.
| April 2022

Kangaroo Care Day - Doris Dickson, Hollis Wakefield, Laila Adam and Jason Rowell
| May 2022

Celebrating National Nursing Week
| May 2022

Vision Health Month: ROP
| May 2022

Multiple Births
| May 2022

Introducing I-Interact-North: A Novel Virtual Intervention to Empower NICU Parents in the Early School Years
| June 2022

Kangaroo Care: Life-Saving Snuggles for the Little Ones
| June 2022

PC Special: Caring for the Smallest and Most Fragile Babies
| June 2022

PC Special: Fathers Day
| June 2022

Caring for Indigenous Mothers in the NICU: Promoting Culturally Safe Care
| June 2022

Lives of Children Born Preterm: What do Parents think is a "bad" outcome?
| July 2022

Changing the Narrative of Parenthood
| July 2022

The Art of Caring for Yourself: Parent Edition
| July 2022

One Pound, Twelve Ounces - A Preemie Mother's Story of Loss, Hope and Triumph
| July 2022

We thank Astra Zeneca for making this program possible.


Big Data for Tiny Babies

| January 2021

IVH and the Preterm Brain

| January 2021

Grief and Giving Back

| January 2021

More than Medical: Research to Support NICU Families

| January 2021

An Adult Preemie Tells Her Story

| February 2021

LGBTQ+ in the NICU

| February 2021

PDA and Preemies

| February 2021

Preemie Chats - Janet Narciso - Parents in Rounds

| February 2021

Preemie Chats - Covid-19 One Year in Review

| March 2021

Covid 19 - One Year in Review - Part 2

| March 2021

"Jacob's Journey: The Boy Born Early" - A Story About the NICU Experience

| March 2021

Feeding my baby in the NICU: Why is it so complicated? - Dr. Douglas Campbell

| March 2021

Homeward Bound - Part 1
| April 2021

Homeward Bound - Part Two
| April 2021

Managing Pain into the Toddler Years and Beyond
| April 2021

Optimizing Critical Care for Premature Babies: Shifting Paradigms in NICUs?
| April 2021

Prematurity and Autism Spectrum Disorder
| April 2021

Vision Development from Infancy to Childhood
| May 2021

Preeclampsia and Maternal Health after Pregnancy + How Pre-eclampsia & HELLP changed my life.
| May 2021

Father's Day - A Q&A with Joseph Tito about his journey to becoming a single father of twins.
| June 2021

Preterm Birth and Adult Health
| May 2021

Transferring your baby from a Level III NICU - 'What, Why and How'!
| June 2021

What has happened to fathers in the NICU during the pandemic: An international study.
| June 2021

Short and Long-Term Impact of Prematurity on the Siblings
| June 2021

Supporting the Growth and Development of the Preterm Baby
| July 2021

Supporting the well-being of parents of babies born pre-term + Pregnancy events and maternal health
| July 2021

Facilitating Young Children's Language Development
| July 2021

What is the Role of a Postpartum Doula?
| July 2021

NICU Transition- Home and Beyond
| July 2021

RESPIRATORY SYNCYTIAL VIRUS :Is there a possibility of off-season surge?
| August 2021

WBW – Part 1 – Understanding Necrotizing Enterocolitis 

WBW – Part 2 – Breastfeeding benefits and Human Milk Banks. ( starts at 46min)

WBW – Part 3 – The Powerful Role of Breastmilk Cells in Preventing Illnesses (starts at 1h46min)
| July 2021

Brain Injury is Not a Death Sentence
| September 2021

Whats new in the maternal milk?
| September 2021

Supporting parent transition to rehabilitation services 
| September 2021

The F-Words in Childhood Disability
| October 2021

How to protect your baby this winter
| October 2021

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Network: Awareness Matters
| October 2021

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection and preterm chronic lung disease
| October 2021

What you need to know about Parental Leave
| October 2021

Redefining outcomes that are meaningful to parents
| November 2021


The Preterm Kidneys

December 2021

Small but mighty
| November 2021

Preterm birth in a prior pregnancy: What is the future?
| November 2021

Asthma and Premature Infants
| December 2021

| November 2021

The Dimensions of White Matter Injury in the Preterm Baby
| November 2021

Outcomes of Prematurity: Results of Continuous Quality Improvement Initiatives
| December 2021

How to protect your baby and children during the COVID-19 pandemic | March 2020

Copying with intense emotions in extreme situations of the NICU, now including COVID19 | April 2020

How to deal with isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic | March 2020

Q&A - How to take care of your baby during the pandemic - ft. Dr. Michael Narvey | April 2020

Important information about breastfeeding & human milk bank donations during the COVID-19 pandemic | March 2020

Creative ways to keep kids busy at home during social distancing times | April 2020

What changed on neonatal follow-ups during the pandemic  | April 2020

Parental presence in the NICU during the pandemic & the impacts on FiCare (Family Integrated Care) | April 2020

Q&A - Breastfeeding tips

ft. Dr Rebecca Hoban | April 2020

How to optimize your baby's development at home during pandemic times | exercises & activities | April 2020

Kangaroo Care Benefits | How to practice kangaroo care with your preemie baby during the pandemic | May 2020

How to help your baby move from feeding to eating | May 2020

Special: Preemies Mother’s Day | Premature babies mother's stories | How I took care of my preemie baby | May 2020

Breastfeeding | Use of Human Milk during the pandemic | How to donate to a milk bank during COVID19 | May 2020

How to feel close to your baby while in the NICU & COVID impact study early findings | June 2020

Home Learning | Inclusive learning settings for children | Kids activities ideas to do at home | May 2020

Preeclampsia : screening, symptoms and the importance of public awareness | May 2020

Baby Sleep: learn safe practices and how to get quality sleep time for your family. | June 2020

Mindful Movement: prenatal & post natal yoga techniques to open and connect with your body | June 2020

Preemie Papas Project : Mental health and parenting experiences of fathers of premature babies | June 2020

Best ways to prevent preterm birth | Pregnancy tips to prevent preterm birth | 

June 2020

NICU Dads Connected: support for fathers of premature babies | June 2020

Special Father's Day: my experience on being a father of 2 premature boys - ft. Kojo Mensah | June 2020

Practical Tips for feeding your baby | Breastfeeding tips | June 2020

Father's Mental Health | June 2020

Why is reflux such a common issue for premature babies? | June 2020

Brain Health in the Preterm Baby : pain, sedation and nutrition | July 2020

Zero Separation Campaign | Support for NICU parents all over the world | July 2020

Why keeping parents together with their babies in the NICU during the pandemic is so important? | July 2020

How to take care of a baby with complex or special needs? - follow up appointments, therapies & more | July 2020

How to create a successful blog for the NICU community ? | Preemie parents learn best practices| July 2020

Why the antenatal decision making moment is so important when having an extremely preterm baby?  | July 2020

How to meet your breastfeeding goals in the NICU | How to support the lactating parent | August 2020

How to reintegrate family caregivers in the NICU as essential partners in care in a time of COVID-19  | July 2020

Why an exclusive human milk diet for babies born preterm is so important? | July 2020

Why is self-care so important after the NICU? | Self-care tips for parents of preterm babies.  July 2020

Breastmilk for preterm babies | pumping | exclusive human milk diet and donor human milk bank  | August 2020

NICU Families: what we’ve learned from our online support groups and our COVID Care program  | August 2020

Gentle Yoga & Mindful Meditation Class with Pam Kai | Prenatal & Postnatal yoga all levels | August 2020

Back to School 2020: starting school for NICU graduates and returning to school in the time of COVID-19  | August 2020

How to find compassion for your partner | Trauma & Relationships with Psychoterapist Jennifer Kalb | September 2020

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)? | Child Behavior with Lesley Barreira | September 2020

Why premature babies are at risk for hearing loss? | Hearing impairment & prematurity with Mila Melo | September 2020

Vision Development & Preemies | Vision Therapy Dr. Nancy Torgerson | October 2020

Family Integrated Care (FiCare) Parents as Primary Caregivers in the NICU
Dr. Karel O'Brien | November 2020

How to improve pain levels on procedures done in babies? | Pain management & analgesic strategies | October 2020

ROP | Why is it important for preterm babies to get their eyes checked in the NICU and beyond? Dr. Eugene Ng | November 2020

What were the experiences and challenges of an adult who was born preterm? | Adult preemie with Juliette K. | October 2020

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome - Use of drugs and alcohol during pregnancy

Dr. Sarah Gander | November 2020

Worldwide Impact of Covid on Patient and Family Centered Care
Dr. Linda Franck | November 2020

Together for babies born too soon
Fabiana Bacchini | November 2020

Growing Up A Preemie
Victoria DiGiovanni | November 2020

Milk and Microbes: How Breastfeeding and Gut Bacteria Share Lifelong Health
Dr. Meghan Azad | November 2020

NICU Fathers and Covid-19 International Study
Dr. Nancy Feeley | November 2020

NOWICU Connecting Moms with Babies
Dr. Mehaboob Shariff Shaik | November 2020

Connecting & Communicating well with Preemie Parents Virtually & Bedside
Jack Hourigan | November 2020

Hospitalist Midwives: Improving Indigenous Cultural Safety in NICUs
Claire Osepchook & Claire Dion Fletcher | November 2020

The Crown Initiative: Creating Room and Opportunities onwards for Newborns and their families
Dr. Nicole van Veenendaal | November 2020

A Parent Experience in the NICU during the pandemic
Lori Romas | November 2020

World Prematurity Day Glance: Zero Separation Campaign
Silke Mader | November 2020

Caring for your Preemie Baby at Home
Dr. Stephanie Liu | November 2020

I-POP: Examining Trends in Global Preterm Birth Rates during the Pandemic Lockdown
Dr. Merilee Brockway | November 2020

Technological Innovations to Support Parents in the NICU
Dr. Jessica Duby | November 2020

Leveraging Digital Technology to Enhance Parental Presence and Involvement in the NICU
Marsha Campbell-Yeo | November 2020

World Health Organization Sustaining Essential Care very small and Preterm newborn Challenges with the Covid-19 pandemic
Dr. Pablo Duran | November 2020

The Future of Neonatology
Dr. Shoo Lee | November 2020

How stem cells can be used to regenerate the brain damage caused by premature birth?

Dr. Luc Zimmermann | November 2020

What did I learn in 2020 ?

Ann Douglas | December2020

Infections in the NICU

ft. Dr. Eugene Ng | December 2020

LIVE: Next Steps | December 2020