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Welcome to our Podcasts!

‘Education on the go’ for both parents and health care professionals. You can listen to these podcasts wherever you are and gain information, education and insights or join guided mindfulness exercises. Tune in to a series below:

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Hear from experts, who will discuss many of the questions and concerns NICU parents often have.

Host and producer: Jenna Morton:

Technical producer: Tosh Taylor.

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Discussions on mentorship, collaboration, and more in the field of paediatric neurology.

Host and producer: Jenna Morton

Technical producer: Tosh Taylor.


With you in the NICU
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Season 1 - WITH YOU IN THE NICU is a new podcast series for those who care for infants in a neonatal intensive care unit. The discussions are geared toward parents of preemies, but will resonate with anyone spending time beside a NICU incubator. WITH YOU IN THE NICU is a project of the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation, with funding from presenting sponsor Medela and support from AbbVie and Prolacta.

Season 2 -  focuses on trying to help parents understand more about what's happening with their own emotions and reactions to being in the NICU, and then providing them with guidance on ways in which mindfulness and meditation techniques can help process the experience. WITH YOU IN THE NICU is a project of the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation, with funding from presenting sponsor Natus and support from Chronically Simple. 

Season 3 - RSV is the most common reason for hospital admission in infants and young children. CPBF is committed to providing education and resources to help protect all infants from RSV.  WITH YOU IN THE NICU is a project of the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation, with funding from presenting sponsor Sanofi.


The podcast's host and producer is Jenna Morton; technical producer is Tosh Taylor. The series feature 15-20 minutes podcasts that you can access online from any location. Enjoy it!

Latest With you in the NICU
Loader With you in the NICU
Small Brains Big Dreams
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Small Brains Big Dreams S01

Season 1 - CPBF is honoured to collaborate with the Newborn Brain Society on a new podcast series: SMALL BRAIN, BIG DREAMS. The first season features 4 episodes with world-renowned pediatric neurologists. They will be talking about their careers, mentorship, collaboration with parents in research, and what’s new and coming up in this field.

Episode 1:  On Mentorship with Dr Steven Miller

In our first episode of this series, Dr. Steven Miller speaks to the difference between supervision and mentorship, the power of interdisciplinary research, and the importance of authentic engagement of families within the research process.

Episode 2:  On Mentorship with Dr Donna Ferriero

Dr. Donna Ferriero has been described as a pioneer in neonatal neurology and neonatal neuroscience. Our first series guest, Dr. Steven Miller, says working with her was inspirational and greatly impacted his approach to medicine and to mentorship. Hear from Dr. Ferriero herself in Episode 2 of Small Brains, Big Dreams.

Episode 3:  On Mentorship with Dr Terrie Inder

A little bit of luck and a lot of work. Both are needed to create a mentorship that works for both parties. Dr. Terrie Inder shares her tried and tested methods for building a mentor-mentee relationship, and her ‘three P’ approach to a rewarding career.

Episode 4:  On Mentorship with Dr Linda de Vries

Professor Emeritus Dr. Linda de Vries has watched the field of pediatric neurology grow from the early use of ultrasounds to cutting edge hypothermic procedures. She predicts an increasing use of AI matched with a holistic view of medicine, guided by the mentorship of many in the field.

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Season 2

Small Brains Big Dreams S02

Episode 1:  On Mentorship with Dr Lina Chalak

Season 2 continues our conversations around mentorship with leading neurologists from around the world.

Dr Lina Chaluk has many accomplishments and accolades in her biography, but she’s quick to point out the award from UT Southwestern celebrating her work as a mentor holds a special place of honor for her. Listen as she shares her ‘why’ and encourages you to do the same.

Episode 2: On Mentorship with Dr. Khorshid Mohammad


There’s a clear theme in the life and work of Dr. Khorshid Mohammad: no challenge is too large to face. Known for his innovation as both a scientist and as an educator, Dr. Mohammad is quick to share how others impacted his approach to life and learning and what he hopes others will take from those experiences.

Episode 3: On Mentorship with Dr. Gerda Meijler


Dr. Gerda Meijler is a neonatologist whose passion for medicine was inspired by her physician parents. Initially starting her career in pediatrics, she pivoted to neonatology following the premature birth of her twins. Over her career, Dr. Meijler has taught countless students the art of cranial ultrasound and is a prolific author who emphasizes the importance of cross-disciplinary learning. 

Episode 4: On Mentorship with Dr. Mark Scher


Dr. Mark Scher, a distinguished expert in fetal/neonatal neurology (FNN), studied at the University of Rochester and SUNY/Downstate Medical School. He completed his pediatrics residency at Cornell/New York Hospital Pediatrics, followed by a neurology fellowship at the University of Minnesota, and conducted research at Stanford University. With a career spanning eight decades, Dr. Scher emphasizes the importance of curiosity, understanding disparities, and an interdisciplinary approach in medicine. 

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