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Vaccine Production Line

Childhood vaccines

Vaccines help strengthen your baby’s immune system by creating antibodies and immune memory cells that fight disease and infection.

Premature babies' immature immune system leaves them at high risk of getting very sick from vaccine preventable diseases.
Parents feel very anxious about their premature baby getting sick and having to be re-admitted to hospital. 
Parents feel it is important to have information that helps them to keep their baby as healthy as possible. 

Why are premature babies more at risk?

In the last few weeks of a full-term pregnancy most of protective antibodies that fight infection are passed from the mother across the placenta to the baby. This means when a baby is born prematurely, they do not receive all the antibodies necessary to protect them. 

Why should everyone in your family get their vaccines?

Safe, approved and recommended in Canada, vaccines are the most effective way to keep your baby protected from vaccine preventable diseases. 

IMPORTANT: Your baby and ALL family members in the household should keep their vaccinations up-to-date according to your provincial and territorial guidelines.

Reduce the risk of bringing infections into your home and decrease the risk of your baby getting sick and being hospitalized!
everyone get vaccine


Vaccines are given based on your baby’s chronological age (their date of birth). 

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Why is it so important to follow the vaccine schedule?
Science tells us, through evidenced based research, that vaccines are properly timed to provide best protection when babies need it most.

Can giving vaccines be postponed? Missing or delaying vaccines can leave babies at risk of being exposed to, and developing diseases.

Are vaccines safe? All vaccines given in Canada are approved and recommended for use. All vaccines go through many years of research to ensure their safety and effectiveness. 
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