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Starting Solids what NICU parents need to know

Feeding can often be an ongoing source of stress and anxiety for NICU families long past discharge home. In this webinar, dietitians will address common questions parents have about transitioning to solid foods, what kinds of foods to begin with, signs of readiness, and how to find help with feeding issues.


Karen Weishuhn is a clinical dietitian at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. She has worked in the Maternal Infant Program for 10 years, starting first in obstetrics and for the last two years working in the NICU. She completed her Masters Degree at the University of Toronto focusing on post discharge feeding of premature infants and interned at the Hospital For Sick Children.

Kate Robson is the mother of two girls born preterm, one at 25 weeks and one at 32 weeks. She has spent time as a patient and as a parent in 4 different hospitals and 3 different NICUs. She now works at Sunnybrook Hospital as a family support specialist, working closely with families and helping the unit deliver family centred care. She is also the Executive Director of the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation .

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