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Feeding Your Baby in the NICU

In this webinar, a lactation consultant and a graduate NICU mother will share information about feeding babies in the NICU and preparing for discharge home. We will talk about topics like early hand expression, pumping tips and tricks, transitioning to oral feeding, breastfeeding after discharge, and many other questions of interest to both parents and NICU caregivers.


Tammy McBride

Tammy McBride has been an RN for 30 years and a Lactation Consultant for 20. She worked for many years in the community supporting babies after their NICU discharge. For the last 13 years, she has been a Lactation Consultant in the NICU at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

Kate Robson, NICU Family Support Specialist

Kate Robson is the mother of two girls born preterm, one at 25 weeks and one at 32 weeks. She has spent time as a patient and as a parent in 4 different hospitals and 3 different NICUs. She now works at Sunnybrook Hospital as a family support specialist, working closely with families and helping the unit deliver family centred care. She is also the Executive Director of the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation and co-chair of the Canadian Family Advisory Network.

Marianne Bracht

Marianne has over 40-years of nursing experience in neonatology working at the bedside, neonatal follow-up clinic, and for the past 15 years as the NICU parent resource nurse. She has advocated for families, provided education and support, created and co-lead parent education programs and continues to work with veteran NICU parents on parent advisory committee. Marianne has insight into the struggles NICU parents face during their infant’s hospital stay and following discharge.

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