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Cultural Safety & Indigenous Health

Indigenous people in Canada have unique experiences with healthcare, all too often encountering stereotypes, discrimination, and inequitable access. All healthcare providers must be knowledgeable in providing culturally safe and trauma-informed care while ensuring equal access to healthcare for Indigenous people.


The Healing the Hurt Initiative provides much-needed resources for healthcare providers, teams, and organizations to support vital education and training for healthcare providers. In this two-part video series produced by the Healing the Hurt initiative, Indigenous mothers Christena and Shawna share their experiences with healthcare in Canada. Their stories are not easy to watch, but they are essential for us to see. 


A word from Healing the Hurt – please read before watching the videos:


“The experiences recounted in this video are traumatic. Although this content is challenging to view, these mothers wanted their stories heard. They hope by sharing their experiences with you, they will help promote culturally safe and equitable care for Indigenous families. We invite you to engage with this content mindfully and to visit the Mental Health Resources page on the top right-hand corner of the Healing the Hurt website if you are feeling distressed.”



Resources to share with Indigenous Families in the NICU:

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