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RSV National Survey Report Summary

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2023 National Survey Report on RSV (Summary)

NEW! 2023 National Survey Report on RSV (Summary)
Parental Understanding of RSV and RSV Infection.

What has changed since our first survey in 2020?


RSV continues to be the most common cause of lower respiratory tract infections worldwide. For too many infants, RSV results in serious illness. CPBF is committed to supporting education for both healthcare professionals and families about the need for RSV prevention for all infants.


Webinar Objectives:


  • Describe the burden of disease related to RSV in infants, including the epidemiology and risk factors for severe infection.


  • Recognize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the epidemiology of RSV.


  • Summarize pediatric RSV prevention strategies, including the potential use of long-acting monoclonal antibodies and maternal vaccination.

2020 RSV National Survey

A parent survey providing us with their understanding about RSV and other common respiratory illnesses, and their experience of obtaining this information. The results are very revealing.

RSV and other Resources

Access a full list of RSV & Common Respiratory Illness resources.

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