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Common winter illnesses: 

decreasing the risk

Coughs and  colds  affect us all, but for babies born preterm it can be more serious.  Why are preterm infants at greater risk and how can we decrease this risk?  AND how can we support families to feel less anxious not only taking their baby home from the NICU  but also  in  the first couple of years?  - for Parents and HCP.


BPD – Respiratory Issues After the NICU

This talk will briefly touch on the determinants of BPD and the factors that contribute to respiratory morbidity both in the NICU and after discharge from the unit.  Expectations for long term respiratory health in the premature infant will be discussed. - for Parents and HCP.


Breastfeeding , RSV and other Viral Ilnesses

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is common among the general population, but can result in more severe symptoms in premature babies, especially those born very low birthweight.  This presentation highlights the evidence for mothers’ own milk feedings as an effective strategy to reduce the severity of RSV and other viral illnesses in premature infants.   - for Parents and HCP.


Burden of RSV Illness in healthy premature babies

The presentation will focus on the impact of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection on healthy, preterm infants ≤ 35 weeks gestational age without  comorbidities such as bronchopulmonary dysplasia, congenital heart disease and pre-existing medical  conditions. - for HCP.

Dr. Douglas Campbell

Pandemic Pregnancy Guide and Tips to Survive the Pandemic while Pregnant or Caring for an at risk infant. 

Dr. Campbell will describe the Pandemic Pregnancy Guide as a tool for parents. 

Provide a perspective on how parents in a neonatal setting can cope with additional stress. 

A second wave: Really? What new parents should expect.


Risks and Fears of Working During the Pandemic. 

Anna Cierpich’s presentation will be on the nurse’s perspective of working in the NICU during a pandemic. She  will focus the thoughts and perspectives that ran through people’s heads when the pandemic was unfolding in early spring as well as what practices changed and how new policies will transform the NICU nurse’s role.  - for HCP.


BOOST Program

Sunnybrook Hospital

This talk will describe an approach to the transition to home for babies and their families in the NICU, with a focus on a developmental approach to this important transition.  

The objectives are: to describe challenges for families in the NICU and how these can have implications longterm; principles of development will be reviewed; the structure of a novel approach to transition will be reviewed  - For Parents and HCP.


COVID-19 : Canadian Update

Delivery room care, life in the NICU and breastfeed recommendations during the pandemic.  - for HCP.


Report Results & importance of education for parents

CPBF preterm parent survey was  conducted to evaluate parental knowledge of RSV and other respiratory illnesses affecting premature babies. This data and parent recommendations to enhance their  education and support  will be shared with  healthcare  professionals. - for HCP.

Aruna Boodram

Parent Experience in the NICU and Going Home during the Pandemic

A conversation on life in the NICU pre-pandemic, the journey of supporting a 24 week micro-preemie and being discharged at the beginning of Canadian lock-down due to COVID-19. We will talk about the impacts the pandemic has had on bringing a baby home from the hospital, things to consider and how it's been for the past 6 months. 


Preemies and School: a Parent/Teacher Perspective

Rebecca Pearce will discuss her observations and insights about preemies and the  school environment from a teacher/preemie mother/educational researcher point of view.  - for Parents and HCP.


Neonatal Follow Up in the Time of COVID 

With the declaration of a pandemic by the WHO in March 2020, many neonatal follow up clinics shifted to virtual visits.  This talk will review one approach to follow up in the time of COVID, with increase in attendance through video visits, video instructions, and enhanced communication with families. 

Objectives: review pandemic of COVID; describe approach of one follow up program to this challenge; challenges and future implications for follow up. - for Parents and HCP.