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Help us Spread Awareness and Love on November 17th. 

Together we can make a big difference.

World Prematurity Day is observed every year to raise awareness of the challenges and long-term impact of preterm birth globally.

On November 17th, more than 100 countries will come together to mark World Prematurity Day. It is one of the most important days of the year to raise awareness of the challenges and burdens associated with preterm birth faced by families worldwide. 


Approximately 30,000 babies are born prematurely* every year in Canada, representing 1 in 10 babies. The Canadian Premature Babies Foundation (CPBF) is a parent-led charitable organization, committed to providing education, support and advocacy for premature babies and their families who are both in and outside ofthe Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 

We invite all schools across Canada to participate in our awareness campaign during the 2023-2024 academic school year. The colour purple represents preterm birth. Please consider adding Purple for Preemies to your school calendar for a Purple Day on November 17th in support of our babies born too soon. 


  • Encourage students and staff to wear purple clothing or accessories in exchange for a minimum $2 donation to help CPBF support families of premature babies. 

  • Invite students at your school to share a preemie story with their peers. Stories could be their own, a sibling’s or someone they know. 

  • Notify us* by October 20th and receive our World Prematurity Day posters to display at your school. 


Join us in our mission to raise awareness for Canada’s tiniest babies. CPBF is proud to be part of a worldwide illumination campaign. Landmarks across Canada including the CN Tower and Niagara Falls will be lit up in purple to honour our premature babies and their families.

Click images below to download and help us spread the word!

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WPD Poster

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School Project

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Letter for School to Send to Parents

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