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World Prematurity Day 2023 - Live Events

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November is a special month at the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation (CPBF) as we come together to celebrate World Prematurity Day and raise awareness about the challenges faced by preterm babies and their families. Throughout this month, we have a lineup of special events and initiatives that we are excited to share with you.


Virtual Preemie Chats: Throughout the month, we'll be hosting special Preemie Chats with a focus on skin-to-skin care, an intervention that saves lives.

November 10 - Nurturescience and Zero Separation

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Dr. Bergman will explain how maternal infant separation came about and why the natural order requires exactly the opposite. It is what he calls “Nurturescience”. It is the same as Zero Separation and it is essential for the baby to achieve resilience and emotional connection. He argues that the place of parents is central, and a dedicated health worker must have this concept as a primary responsibility.

November 17 – World Prematurity Day

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Join us as we look at this very special day from a variety of meaningful angles. We’ll speak with Silke Mader, Chairwoman of EFCNI (European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infant), who started World Prematurity Day, about this year’s theme, and Dr. Prakesh Shah, the Director of CNN who is spearheading an amazing project that’ll change the outcomes of very preterm babies worldwide. We’ll also be joined by the Nadarajah Family, parents of the world’s most premature twins and lightest twins at birth to hear their incredible journey and how they’re doing now. Don’t miss our interview with Violette Barrington, a grown-up preemie on the role that prematurity played in her life. Finally, with the global theme of this year’s World Prematurity Day being: ‘small actions BIG IMPACT: immediate skin-to-skin care for every baby everywhere’ we’ll explore the topic of understanding Maternal Mental Health Perspectives in Skin-to-Skin Care with Dr. Nalini Singhal will discuss the “Future of Intensive Care of Babies".You won’t want to miss this very special edition of Preemie Chats.

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November 22 – NEW! Scientific Preemie Chat

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In infants born less than 26 weeks, do you practice early skin-to-skin care within the first 72 hours?


The World Health Organization recommends immediate skin-to-skin care for survival of small and preterm babies. But do NICUs really following these guidelines for the smallest and most vulnerable babies, especially those born under 26 weeks of gestation? Is it lack of evidence on benefit, lack of evidence on safety, lack of training and support or just personal bias? Join us on a live debate with experts and parents on this controversial topic of early skin-to-skin care in micropreemies in the first 72 hours after birth.

Moderators: Dr. Souvik Mitra and Silke Mader

Panelists: Dr. Patrick McNamara and Dr. Elizabeth Rogers

Dr. Souvik Mitra: 

Dr. Souvik Mitra is a staff Neonatologist at the BC Women’s Hospital and an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. His primary research interests revolve around improving patient and family-important clinical outcomes of extremely preterm babies with a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). He serves as an Associate Editor for the Cochrane Neonatal Group and co-chairs the Academic Committee of the Neonatal Hemodynamic Research Centre and the Evidence Based Practice for Improving Quality (EPIQ) Hemodynamic Group of the Canadian Neonatal Network. He is the chair-elect of the Fetus and Newborn Committee of the Canadian Pediatric Society.


Silke Mader: 

Silke Mader is the Chairwoman of the Executive Board and co-founder of EFCNI, the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants. She is co-editor of the EFCNI Benchmarking Report “Too little, Too Late? Why Europe Should do more for Preterm Infants”, “Caring for Tomorrow” – the EFCNI White Paper on Maternal and Newborn Health and Aftercare Services and technical editor of the “Born too Soon” Global Action Report on Preterm Birth. Besides this, Silke Mader is author and editor of many other publications on topics related to maternal and newborn health. 


Dr. Patrick McNamara: 

Dr. Patrick McNamara is a staff Neonatologist at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital Professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine – University of Iowa, Vice Chair for Inpatient Acute Care, PanAmerican Hemodynamics Collaborative, Pediatric Academic Society Neonatal Hemodynamics Advisory and Neonatal Hemodynamics (TnECHO) Special Interest Group at the American Society of Echocardiography.

November 22 – In infants born less than 26 weeks, do you practice early skin-to-skin care within the first 72 hours?

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November 24 – Understanding Skin-to-Skin Care and other Caregiver-led Strategies to Managing Pain in the NICU.

Streamyard Preemie - nov 24.png

Repetitive early pain exposure can impact how a preterm baby’s brain develops and thus the management of infant pain in the NICU is a topic of great importance to parents and health professionals. In this presentation she will talk about the importance of skin- to-skin and other new emerging strategies that have the strongest evidence base for managing pain in preterm hospitalized infants.

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