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Father and Son

CPBF is proud to share the results of our 2023 National Survey

Parent Knowledge and Understanding of RSV and How To Decrease The Risk of Infection.


RSV is the most common cause of serious respiratory illness in babies and young children. premature babies, and those with other medical conditions, are at the highest risk of developing serious complications such as RSV bronchiolitis or pneumonia.

CPBF is committed to providing information and education to parents and caregivers about RSV prevention. But first, we need to know what parents understand about RSV and how they want to be supported.


In total, 331 parents responded to our survey, aimed at gathering information about parents’ understanding of RSV and preventing RSV illness. The results were clear. Parents want and appreciate education about RSV.

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2023 National Survey Report on RSV (Summary)

NEW! 2023 National Survey Report on RSV (Summary)
Parental Understanding of RSV and RSV Infection.

What has changed since our first survey in 2020?

This survey was made possible by an educational grant, thanks, in part, to the support of Sanofi.

Watch this special Preemie Chat on the burden of RSV disease and the result of the survey.

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