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Research: Better together

Since being founded in 2012, CPBF has participated or contributed to over 60 research projects globally.

Research in neonatal care has made significant advances in the care and lives of babies and their families. 


CPBF is actively involved in research and quality improvement projects nationally and internationally. Our commitment is to work collaboratively with health care professionals to bring parents voices, experiences and perspectives to the table.

Are you a researcher interested in collaborating?

We urge researchers to involve parents in their research projects from the inception of the idea to co-design and ongoing participation in studies. 

CPBF has access to a very large community of families who are able to provide healthcare professionals and researchers the voice and experience of parents. They, have the expertise and first-hand knowledge of having a preterm infant which makes them ideal to contribute that voice which is often missing in research.  Through their stories, parents wish to contribute to the advancement of the health and well-being of babies and their families. 

If you are interested in collaborating, please contact us. 

Are you a parent interested in being involved in research or projects?

It’s important to involve parents who have first-hand experience with preterm birth. As a NICU parent, your voice is needed to ensure that research accurately portrays the true experience of having a preterm baby. Your involvement will help to identify priorities that matters most to families. 

Any parent can be involved in research. 


There are different ways you can become involved:

As a participant

  • You and/ or your baby can enroll in a research study

  • You can answer surveys 


As a collaborator 

  • Get involved to co-design studies with the researchers

  • Be an advisor in research projects

  • Review protocols, review knowledge translation materials

  • Co-author publications

  • Present results of research findings at conferences, workshops, etc.

If you are interested in collaborating, please contact us.

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parent researcher

Presence Study

You can read more about the Presence Study here.

Your voice can help inform national recommendations for NICU family presence policies going forward!

Presence Study
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