Dr. Karel O’Brien

Family Integrated Care (FICare) Parents as Primary Caregivers at the NICU

Why parent engagement in the care of their infant in the NICU is important for both the infant and the family and how parental presence needs to be supported even during the COVID-19 epidemic. - for Parents and HCP

Dr. Linda Franck

Worldwide Impact of Covid-19 on Patient and Family Centred Care

Dr. Franck will share findings from an international survey of changes to hospital policies and practice regarding patient and family-centred care during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and how hospitals engaged patient and family advisors in planning and implementing changes. - for HCP

Fabiana Bacchini

Together for babies born too soon: caring

for the future. It’s World Prematurity Day!

Through her personal story, Fabiana will share the importance of peer support, education and collaboration. In honour of this special day, learn the steps taken by the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation to ensure we are creating a brighter future for premature babies and their families and be the first to see our new educational video series for families who are just starting their NICU journey. - for Parents and HCP

Victoria DiGiovanni

Growing Up a Preemie

Victoria hopes to share some insight into what her experience entailed for her and her family, as well as the hurdles she faced during childhood and adolescence. She will approach this sensitive topic which can often feel scary, uncertain, and vulnerable to shed some light as to what it means to beat the odds. Each small victory counts, because the little things become the big things, and before you know it, 25 weeks turns into 25 years. -  for Parents and HCP

Dr. Meghan Azad

Milk and Microbes: How Breastfeeding and Gut Bacteria Shape Lifelong Health

Breast milk is an extraordinary ‘superfood’, providing all of the nutrients a baby needs, in exactly the right combination.Breast milk is also the ultimate ‘personalized medicine’, providing protection against infections during infancy. These incredible properties of breast milk are related to its bioactive components, including live bacteria and specialized sugars that help ‘seed and feed’ the baby’s gut microbiome.  

Nancy Feeley

NICU Fathers and Covid-19: International Study

An international study underway to learn about fathers’ experiences in the NICU during the COVID pandemic. Her presentation will describe the online study and hopefully some of the preliminary findings related to the challenges fathers have confronted this year. 

Dr. Mehaboob Shaik MD, FRCPI

NowICU – Connecting Mom’s with Babies 

A mother’s feedback prompted Dr. Shaik to connect parents to interact with their baby in the NICU, using AHS customized iPads. The iPads are secured with encrypted video and audio-conferencing software that live streams (NOT ZOOM).  This presentation will highlight the process, time line, journey of a NICU parent, and family comments about the technology. 

Jack Hourigan 

Connecting & Communicating well with Preemie Parents Virtually & Bedside 

The essential role that parents play as partners in the circle of care, especially during times of Covid-19!  Strategies for engagement, wellness and virtual communication with Preemie families will be explored, followed by a live Q & A. - for HCP and Parents

Claire Osepchook & Claire Dion Fletcher

Hospitalist Midwives: Improving Indigenous Cultural Safety in Neonatal Intensive Care Units

An overview of the role of Hospitalist midwives in addressing cultural safety for Indigenous families in neonatal intensive care units of an urban level 3 hospital. Taking a strengths-based approach we will outline disparities in health outcome in Canada, explore the important of culture and ceremony in birth and the early postpartum and provide examples of initiatives taken to improve care for Indigenous families.   

Dr.Nicole van Veenendaal

The CROWN Iniciative

A European initiative on family integrated care with leading hospitals in the field of family integrated care (the CROWN-initiative: Creating Room and Opportunities on Wards for Newborns and their families); she will be presenting and introducing the four C’s for Closeness, core components of FICare within neonatal settings. These can give an overview towards successful implementation of FICare independent of setting and resources. - for HCP

Lori Romas

A Parent Experience in the NICU during the Pandemic

Lori Romas, preemie parent, talking about her family journey in the NICU at beginning of the pandemic. She was transferred to another province, separated from her baby and forced to cope alone.  Out of province protocol prevented Lori from seeing her husband and other children.  Lori was stranded a few hours from home with only her purse and winter mukluks, forced to choose between staying with her new infant or leaving him behind to return home.

Silke Mader

World Prematurity Day: A Glance at the Zero Separation Campaign

This year WPD will be in the middle of a pandemic. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, neonatal units have adopted a separation policy, limiting or prohibiting access of parents to neonatal care units. In partnership with  parent organisations and partners across the world EFCNI developed an international campaign “Zero Separation. Together for better care! Keep preterm and sick babies close to their parents”. -  for Parents and HCP

Dr. Stephanie Liu

Caring for your preemie baby at home

Join Dr. Stephanie Liu, family physician, mom of two, and founder of Life of Dr. Mom as she provides tips on caring for your preemie at home. She will discuss topics from how to care for your preemies skin to baby sleep tips.  - for Parents and HCP

Dr. Merilee Brockway

Examining Trends in Global Preterm Rates During the Pandemic Lockdown

The emerging trends in preterm birth rates during the pandemic lockdown: two small studies that have identified that preterm birth rates fell drastically during the pandemic lockdown. Researchers from  iPOP have gathered a large international group of scientists from over 20 countries to look at these trends and to identify any factors that may have caused this trend to happen. We will discuss these possibilities and invite feedback and discussion from the audience. 

Dr. Jessica Duby

Technological Innovations to Support Parents in the NICU 

Parenting a baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is an extremely stressful and challenging experience. Over the past decade, technology has been developed to enable parents to connect with their babies even when they cannot be physically present at the bedside. This presentation will explore how technology may be used to better support parents in the NICU as well as the challenges that may arise with such innovation.  

Dr. Marsha Campbell-Yeo

 Leveraging digital technology to enhance parental involvement in the NICU

We continue to face challenges in finding optimal ways to enhance parental engagement. During this presentation, we will discuss the development and initial testing and implementation of the Chez NICU Home Platform, an evidenced based parent targeted web-based education and support platform aimed to enhance family integration in neonatal care. Implications of COVID 19 pandemic restrictions will also be discussed.   

Dr. Pablo Duran, WHO

Sustaining essential care preterm newborn: challenges within the COVID 19 pandemic 


Dr. Shoo Lee

The Future of Neonatology 

 Coming soon