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The Parent Partner program at CPBF is created to provide parents who are actively involved with their Hospital NICUs with support, resources, and guidance. If you feel that this describes you, please contact us. 

If you are interested in giving back to your NICU's community, there are many ways that NICU graduate parents can contribute!


NICU graduate parents across Canada participate in a variety of work including:

  • peer support 

  • parent and staff education

  • quality improvement 

  • research

  • special events (e.g. kangaroo-a-thons, read-a-thons, annual reunion)

  • holiday keepsakes and gifts

  • family advisory committee

  • fundraising

  • cuddler program

A great place to start is getting in touch with the NICU you want to partner with to see what opportunities are available and what their current needs are, or if they have existing initiatives you are interested in joining.  The hospital's volunteer resources and human resources departments may also know of available volunteer or paid positions in the NICU

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