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To provide guidance for the content and management of the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation (CPBF) website and social media platforms.


Content is defined, but not limited to: all editorial material, such as text, graphics, tables, equations, audio and video, as well as navigational items, such as menu/directional icons, bars, indicators, lists, and indexes. 

Also see related policies “Industry Relations” and “Privacy and Confidentiality”.

Online Media Policy (last reviewed - December 2020)

CPBF is committed to providing high-quality, reliable information on its website at  

Funding or other sponsorship for any specific content will be clearly indicated and will comply with the principles for advertising and sponsorship listed in Industry Relations policy. This will ensure that content is easily distinguished from advertising.

Educational content will be reviewed for quality, including originality, accuracy, and reliability, before posting. Content will be reviewed and revised as needed by CPBF board or designates not involved in the creation of the content. The method of review will be determined by the board of directors. The date that educational content is posted will be indicated. Authors of educational content will be identified including names, organization, department, institution or agency, any affiliations, and relevant financial disclosures. Reference material used to develop content must be cited.

Links will be reviewed before posting and will be maintained and monitored, including repairing or removing any broken links. External links to commercial sites must comply with the principles for advertising and sponsorship listed in the related Industry Relations Policy.

All social media sites shall be monitored regularly and prompt corrective action shall be taken when an issue arises that places, or has potential to place, the CPBF at risk. Site administrators shall review site activity and content daily for exploitation or misuse and remove any inappropriate content immediately.  

Administrators of social media sites shall encourage discussion by posting quality content and questions. They shall quickly address any inappropriate messages or misuse such as spam, advertising, offensive statements, inaccurate information, foul language, or unconstructive criticism of the CPBF. 

CPBF respects the trademarks and copyrights of other organizations and will not use them without seeking appropriate permissions as required.

Advertising will not be placed adjacent to any editorial or educational content. Viewers of the website will not be sent to a commercial site unless they choose to go there. Advertisements may link off-site to a commercial website provided that the viewer is clearly informed that CPBF website does not vouch for or assume any responsibility for any material contained on the website to which it links. 

CPBF will not endorse any online platforms of organizations whose products, services and policies are not compatible with CPBF’s vision, mission and values. These include alcohol, tobacco, gambling, companies and organizations that produce and market artificial breast milk substitutes or other newborn infant nutritional products that are intended to replace breast milk and/or inappropriate portrayal of newborns and their families.

The CPBF logo may not appear on commercial websites as a logo or in any other form without prior written approval of the Board of Directors. 

CPBF reserves the right to not link to and/or to remove links to other websites. 

CPBF is committed to maintaining the online visitors’ rights to privacy and to the confidentiality of personal information. CPBF will not post any personal information unless it is voluntarily provided or posted by the visitor to the site and permission is given. See “Privacy and Confidentiality” policy for more details.

Names and email addresses of CPBF supporters, and/or site visitors will not be provided or released to a third party without the individual’s permission. Email information and personal information about specific visitor’s navigation and use of the site will only be used by CPBF to improve the site and will not be shared with or sold to other organizations for commercial purposes without the site visitor’s permission. CPBF will use email addresses voluntarily provided by individuals and site visitors to notify them of updates, products, services, activities, and/or upcoming events. Non-identifiable website visitor data may be collected and used in aggregate to help shape and direct the creation and maintenance of content and to determine the type of advertisement to be seen by site visitors. 

Content published within any CPBF online media will not include identifying personal information. Identifying personal information should not be published in any descriptions, photographs, videos or illustrations. Photographs or videos may only be included with consent for publication from the individual, parent or guardian. Obtaining such consent is the responsibility of the author.

Note: CPBF adheres to the Canada Anti-Spam legislation regarding all communications sent to individuals electronically by obtaining consent, providing identifying information and offering a method to unsubscribe from future communications.

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