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The Canadian Premature Babies Foundation’s (CPBF) or the Foundation activities and programs are funded through a wide variety of sources, including donations from individuals, unrestricted grants from individuals, foundations and corporations, as well as government grants. Over the years, the CPBF has developed mutually beneficial relationships with private sector companies. The resources offered by the private sector enhance our ability to fulfill our mission. The CPBF welcomes corporations as supporters of our programs and activities and seeks corporate sponsors that operate in the best interests of infants and families.

This policy outlines the parameters for partnerships and sponsorships accepted or undertaken by CPBF and applies to all business and educational meetings across Canada. It addresses all resulting advertising on the website and related to any activities of CPBF.

This policy is intended to facilitate informed decisions regarding sponsorships, to promote consistent, equitable relations with sponsors and to maintain and enhance CPBF’s integrity.


Partnership: Affiliation with a non-commercial organization whose mission and vision are in line with that of CPBF. This includes organizations to which CPBF pays to be a member, or those to which it is considered mutually beneficial for CPBF to recognize as a partner.

Sponsorship: A mutually beneficial arrangement negotiated between CPBF and commercial organizations based on CPBF’s principles and guidelines. 

Advertisement: Any act or activity that draws attention, publicizes or promotes (generally in order to sell goods or services), in print communication, broadcast or electronic media and is designed to appeal to an audience that is specifically interested in infants/families and/or neonatal health care providers.

Industry Relations Policy 


CPBF actively pursues mutually beneficial partnerships with other non-commercial organizations that have objectives, mission and vision that are compatible with that of CPBF. Partnerships may be posted on the CPBF website and may be communicated through other forms of publication or at meetings and conferences.

Any obligations that result from partnerships must be approved by the CPBF Executive Director or Board of Directors. CPBF reserves the right to discontinue partnerships at any time.


CPBF welcomes the participation of corporations as supporters of our programs and activities and will seek corporate sponsors that operate in the best interests of infants/families and/or neonatal healthcare providers in order to facilitate the mission and activities of CPBF.

Sponsorships from organizations whose products, services and policies are not compatible with CPBF’s vision, mission and values are not eligible. These include alcohol, tobacco, gambling and/or inappropriate portrayal of newborns and their families.


All endorsements must be approved by the board.

Sponsors will not determine CPBF’s policy, website or educational content, or in any way influence CPBF decision making.

  • Sponsors are not permitted access to contact information for anyone within the CPBF network of families.

CPBF reserves the right of final approval of all sponsorships and the right to refuse and/or terminate any sponsorship. CPBF will determine the final wording and placement of sponsor acknowledgements. 

CPBF logos may not appear on any publications or exhibits without written approval of the Executive Director or Board of Directors.

Sponsors may refer to the fact that they have provided sponsorship for CPBF conferences, events or activities, but no characterization of the sponsorship relationship shall be taken or used as evidence of CPBF’s endorsement of the sponsor or of any of the sponsor’s products or services. If the Board of Director agrees to an endorsement, the sponsor is to work with CPBF to develop appropriate language that is consistent with the mission, values and objectives of CPBF.


Advertising accepted or undertaken by CPBF must reflect CPBF’s mission and Vision. The appearance of advertising is neither a guarantee, nor an endorsement of the company, service or product.

Advertising and Communications by CPBF

All communications by CPBF to individuals including but not limited to emails and newsletters will be compliant with Bill C-28 Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. All emails sent by CPBF will contain a tag line indicating that any individual wishing to no longer receive emails from CPBF may click on the provided email address with the subject line ‘unsubscribe’. Their email address will then be removed from the distribution list. 

The CPBF Board of Directors may pursue advertising opportunities for marketing purposes. Such advertisements must adhere to the restrictions of this advertising policy and are subject to review by the other organization. The CPBF Board of Directors will ensure that the other organization’s mission and objectives are compatible with CPBF’s mission and vision. 

CPBF logos may not appear on any publications or exhibits without written approval of the Executive Director or Board of Directors.

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