COVID Care Program

Virtual mental health help for parents of premature babies 

We know first hand how traumatic, exhausting and scary having a baby in the NICU can be.  With the cancellation of all in-unit support groups and programs across the country due to COVID-19, we recognize there is an extra layer of fear and isolation for preemie parents like you. 



CPBF is now offering free online individual therapy for families currently in the NICU or those who have been recently discharged (up to 12 months).  Families who qualify will receive two online 45-minute therapy sessions conducted by mental health professionals, including clinical psychologists and perinatal mental health specialists from all across Canada.


Please fill out the form below and someone will contact you within 5 business days. 



Given the nature of this program, we cannot offer crisis support.

If you are currently in crisis please reach out to the support people in your life, and if necessary, call  911 or  go to the emergency department of your nearest hospital.

Application – COVID Care Program 

Please note that all fields must be filled. 

We would like to thank Prolacta, Abbvie and The Sandbox Project for supporting this program.