Here’s what we are doing to support you virtually!

Life in the NICU can feel unimaginable at the best of times and we recognize the current situation adds an extra layer of worry for all preemie families.  Although units have suspended in person patient and peer support, you are not alone!


Download here our informative poster with all our currently virtual programs .

Led by trained peer support facilitators from across the country, is a safe place to go for evidence-based information, peer support and connection 24/7.  

Led by Perinatal Mental Health Specialist. 

Veteran Preemie Parent Kate Robson meets virtually every Wednesday @ 1pm (EST). 

Feature top NICU researchers, specialists and experts from across Canada.

Every Monday & Friday @ 1pm.

If you miss a session find below the full list of episodes.

Provides virtual mental health help for the parents of Premature Babies.  Short-term support from mental health professionals.

Here is a list of trusted education and information resources to support you during Covid-19

We are with you every step of the way!

COVID-19 LIVE Series

How to protect your baby and children during the COVID-19 pandemic

Copying with intense emotions in extreme situations of the NICU, now including COVID19

What changed on neonatal follow-ups during the pandemic 

How to optimize your baby's development at home during pandemic times | exercises & activities

Kangaroo Care Benefits | How to practice kangaroo care with your preemie baby during the pandemic

How to help your baby move from feeding to eating

Mindful Movement: prenatal & post natal yoga techniques to open and connect with your body

Preemie Papas Project : Mental health and parenting experiences of fathers of premature babies

Best ways to prevent preterm birth | Pregnancy tips to prevent preterm birth

How to deal with isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Q&A - How to take care of your baby during the pandemic - ft. Dr. Michael Narvey

Parental presence in the NICU during the pandemic & the impacts on FiCare (Family Integrated Care)

Special: Preemies Mother’s Day | Premature babies mother's stories | How I took care of my preemie baby

Breastfeeding | Use of Human Milk during the pandemic | How to donate to a milk bank during COVID19

How to feel close to your baby while in the NICU & COVID impact study early findings

NICU Dads Connected: support for fathers of premature babies

Special Father's Day: my experience on being a father of 2 premature boys - ft. Kojo Mensah

Practical Tips for feeding your baby | Breastfeeding tips

Important information about breastfeeding & human milk bank donations during the COVID-19 pandemic

Creative ways to keep kids busy at home during social distancing times

Q&A - Breastfeeding tips

ft. Dr Rebecca Hoban

Home Learning | Inclusive learning settings for children | Kids activities ideas to do at home

Preeclampsia : screening, symptoms and the importance of public awareness

Baby Sleep: learn safe practices and how to get quality sleep time for your family.

Father's Mental Health

Why is reflux such a common issue for premature babies?

Brain Health in the Preterm Baby : pain, sedation and nutrition

Zero Separation Campaign | Support for NICU parents all over the world

COVID-19 Useful Links

General information - Canada

Caring for your baby in the NICU during the Pandemic


The Hospital For Sick Children


Milk Banks

Canadian Pediatric Society

Delivery room considerations for infants born to mothers with suspected or proven COVID-19


NICU care for infants born to mothers with suspected or proven COVID-19


Breastfeeding when mothers have suspected or proven COVID-19

World Health Organization